Duomo di Napoli


Like in any Neapolitan church, the Duomo is also rich in historical stratifications.

Embedded in the present baroque church as chapels stand out the original churches:

  • la Basilica di Santa Restituta, on the left of the Duomo,
  • la Basilica della Stefania, of which remains the Minutolo chapel, made famous by Boccaccio in one of the novels of Decameron.

Under the road level, at the Chapel of Santa Restituta, you can visit the archaeological area. Among the other testimonies, it is possible to observe the remains of the temple of Apollo, of a late-imperial domus, of traces datable to IV-V sec. A.D. And part of the Roman aqueduct.

The greatest attraction, however, remains the chapel of St. Gennaro, where sacred and profane melt together marking the limit between church and people. This chapel is a property of the people and not of the church, since it was built with money and donations by the Neapolitan people for being saved from the three evils of the city (Vesuvius eruption, war and plague), and right here every year There is the famous miracle of the blood liquefaction of the saint.

Behind the chapel, the rich treasure of Saint Gennaro is kept, which expresses the gratitude of the Neapolitans to one of his most beloved patrons.